Orange County CBD Disposable Vape Pen – Cool Menthol

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Orange County CBD 3ml Disposable Vape Pen 250 CBD + 250mg CBG Cool Menthol

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Cool as ice, except for the occasional burst of peppermint that fills your nose. That’s how fresh it is. It won’t get your customers high. And when CBG teams up with CBD, the result can pack a powerful punch (even more so than if they were working alone). Along with every new puff, the next level of chillin’ out just waits to happen

OC have already prefilled the Menthol Ice CBD/CBG Disposable Vape for you, with 3ml of Orange County CBD e-liquid. It’s already ready-to-vape the moment they unwrap it. It comes with 900 puffs worth of juice.

  • Flavor: Menthol Ice
  • 250mg CBD + 250mg CBG


Propylene Glycol (70%), Vegetable Glycerine (30%), Flavourings & Broad Spectrum CBD CBG 99.7% – Purity


Amnesia, Blueberry, Cheese, Pable White, Pablo Yellow, Jack, Kritical, Lemon, OG, Purple, Silver, Strawberry