THC-P Vape Banana OG 1 ml – disposable


Discover Califarms’ Banana OG THC-P Vape, the pinnacle of potency in cannabinoids. Up to 33 times stronger than THC, it offers profound effects with live resin terpenes for a pure experience.

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Introducing the Revolutionary Califarms THC-P Vape with Banana OG – The Pinnacle of Potency in the Cannabinoid World.

Experience the extraordinary strength of Califarms’ newest sensation: our THC-P (tetrahydrocannabiphorol) Vape, now available in the deliciously rich Banana OG flavor. Renowned as the world’s strongest cannabinoid, our THC-P vape sets new standards in potency, being up to 33 times more active on CB1 cannabinoid receptors than regular THC.


This premium disposable vape is crafted with the finest THC-P and HHC extracts, offering an unparalleled potency for more profound and enduring effects compared to HHCP. Each 1 ml vape comes infused with Live resin terpenes from the Banana OG strain, naturally sourced from hemp and cannabis plants, ensuring a pure and potent experience.

Elevate your vaping journey with the unmatched power and flavor of Califarms THC-P Vape – a true masterpiece in cannabinoid innovation.